Shooting Stars

Kids Soccer Programs

2-7 years


CHEETAHS: 2 year old soccer 

Interactive class involving the caregiver. Focuses on dribbling, balance, boundaries, shooting and encourage kids to use their feet.  Lots of fun and exercise.

PUMAS: 3 year old soccer

Independent beginner’s class. We focus on dribbling, shielding, shooting, accuracy and ball control with a variety of fun games.


JAGUARS: 3.5-4 years old

Advanced independent class which is a progression from Pumas class. Emphasis on dribbling, shielding, shooting, accuracy, ball control, passing and receiving the ball.

LEOPARDS: 4 years old soccer

Focuses on basic skills of the game such as dribbling, shooting, ball control, shielding, passing and receiving the ball. In addition, we play a small sided game to reinforce those skills learned and put the emphasis on achieving those skills taught.


LIONS: 5 years old soccer

Emphasis on proper dribbling, shooting, ball control, passing and receiving the ball, shielding, fitness and most importantly working together as a TEAM!


TIGERS: 6 years old soccer

Based on the level of play of the participants. Each child will be challenged to achieve personal growth as well as learn team concepts.  A small sided game will concude each week reinforcing the fundamental skills that have been taught.

Shooting Stars Soccer Camp: 4-7 years old

All levels are welcome to attend and will be grouped according to age or skill level. Emphasis on dribbling, shooting, ball control, passing, receiving, heading and shielding the ball. Camp will conclude each day with a small sided game which reinforces the skills taught that day. Wear cleats and shinguards.


Children should wear comfortable clothes and bring a drink.


All equipment is provided.

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