Shooting Stars Sports

Summer Camps (2-10 yrs)


MULTI-Sport Camp


Consists of various sports including Soccer, Lacrosse, Wiffle Ball, Kickball, Flag Football, Basketball and much more. This is an ideal camp for any child who enjoys playing or learning different sports. Children are taught fundamental skills and the rules of the game. We conclude each day with a game.


LACROSSE Camp (4-7)

Focus is on developing the child’s individual skills as cradling, shooting, scooping, dodging, passing and catching. We conclude each day with a small sided game. Your child can bring his/her lacrosse stick or one will be provided.  Camp runs 9:30am-12:00pm.


Beginner GOLF (5-10)

This program is ideal for the beginner who will learn basic techniques such as swinging, putting, appropriate stance, gripping, driving and addressing the ball. Your child can bring his/her golf club or one will be provided. Program runs 1.5 hours per day.


MINI Multi-Sport Program (3&4)

Children will learn and play various sports including Soccer, Lacrosse, Wiffle Ball, Basketball, Kickball, Jumbo Soccer and much more. This class meets for one hour each day. All equipment will be provided. Program runs for one hour per day.


Mommy & Me Soccer

Interactive class involving the parent/caregiver. Focuses on dribbling, balance, boundaries, shooting and encourages children to use their feet.  Lots of fun and exercise.  All equipment is provided.  This program meets Monday-Thursday for one week.


Space is Limited….

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